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Doll 17202_2

Doll 17202_2
Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2 Doll 17202_2

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Doll 17202_2


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I hope you are my man.
I would like to be around you.
I miss you. Where are you now? Take me home baby.

Model No./Specifications S172cm H cup
Body length  155cm
Neck Circumference  28cm
Shoulder  40cm
Arm length  74cm
Hand length  18cm
Bust girth 98cm
Under bust girth 70cm
Waist  61cm
Hip  96cm
Leg length  85cm
thigh circumference  54cm
calf girth  24cm
Feet length  21cm
Weight   46kg
Oral/Vaginal/Anal depths 13cm/18cm/20cm


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Posted on 2/1/2019
Review by Faggot

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This is better than fucking kids!!

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